BETCO, a leading independent consulting and training company in the Middle East, has trainers and Consultants with considerable experience in the manufacturing and quality management of pharmaceutical and food industry. 


Why should you attend BETCO training courses?

BETCO training courses are of paramount importance to everyone making medicine or food and to those making decisions based on the manufacturing, packaging and testing of the product.  


What do the BETCO courses consist of?

All courses consist of standard form lecture with power point slide presentations. Every course has a short term interactive movie provided by video tape or DVD in the subject matters. Workshop sessions provide opportunities for group discussions and to practice the newly acquired knowledge. To ensure maximum benefit from each course, study cases are illustrated which are pertained to the subject. An assessment exercise will be given to determine successful knowledge transfer. Certificates will be presented to all attendees who complete the course.


No one can imagine how expensive it is to train an employee abroad. I have witnessed such a process. I am very happy about the birth of BETCO in our region as a quality training center that is affordable. My advice to all regulated industries is that we spend so much on our machines and equipment. It is now the time more than ever to invest in our people

Dr. Hamad Al-Khamees

General Manager, Tabuk Pharmaceutical Company, KSA

I have shared my experience with all participants in this training session. It was very interactive and all attendees participated as one team. The instructor was excellent. I would like to see courses about how to prepare documents complying with the rules and regulations of an international regulatory body like the FDA


Anand V. Kondaguli

Research and Development Director, Jamjoom Pharma, KSA

I was eager to find out a source of training like the one offered by BETCO. I have thoroughly checked but could not find anything similar except a coulpe from abroad. Many people are looking forward to see many other skill development courses specialized in compliance-related issues directed to the pharmaceutical industry. This is a very good step towards supporting our industries in the region.

Ahmed Al Yamany

Quality Assurance Inspector, Saudi Arabian Japanese Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., KSA

I would like to thank M/s BETCO for the very professional coaching training which was conducted for Dar Al Dawa. The course content and the mentor were perfectly satisfying our need and objectives. I wish BETCO the best of success.

Dr. Hasan Foudeh

General Manager, Dar Al Dawa Group, KSA

BETCO is superbly unique company that provides indisperable services that coping with our dynamically changing environment. As a certified CME provider, it provides a prompt service in such increasingly important matter with distinctive credibility and quality.

Mr. Ahmed El Bayoumi

Sales Manager, Pfizer, KSA

We have invested significantly in the pharmaceutical training program as part of our commitment to regulatory and quality compliance. BETCO has provided us with an excellent training service which is tailored to the needs of our organization. BETCO has succeeded in creating training courses which are specific and relevant to the particular needs of our organization. I am happy to recommend the services of BETCO.

Dr. Shady N. Husien

Quality Assurance Manager, PSI, KSA

It is a great chance for me to attend such a great training by a great Person, Dr. Teri Soli. I feel that I am aware of everything about water system that I would never know if I am not here.

Bassam Sobahi

QC Microbiologist, Arabio, Makkah, Saudi Arabia

The training was given by the world known Dr. Teri Soli. It was very well arranged by BETCO. The training was given on biofilm, RMM and case studies.

Dr. Syad Abrar Ali

Senior Supervisor QC Microbiology, SPIMACO, Buraydah, Saudi Arabia

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