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Code Blue & Crash Cart
Course Code: BETCO131
Category: Health Sector Training

1/2 Day Training Course


Delays in the response and treatment will occur due to lack of knowledge and continuous training on code blue and crash cart. This will affect patient care and patient safety. Lack of nurse or healthcare provider knowledge on this important function can cause:
1. Items not available or incorrect during emergent conditions, severely effecting patient safety and care.
2. Nurse is unaware that replacements are needed.
3. Not all personnel are familiar with the same set up.
4. Timeliness in locating and administrating care is delayed.
5. Incompatible instruments have a negative impact on patient care.
6. Possible missing of equipment or medications and supplies.
7. Possible missing of expiration dates.
8. Possibility of not having the needed equipment or medication available during emergency.
9. Delay of treatment: reduce quality of patient care and safety
10. Inability to transfer carts, equipment and instruments from department to department due to compatibility issues.
11. Poor response time during emergency situations.

Course Content

At the completion of all course instruction, the trainees will be familiar with the basic principles of Blue Code & Crash Cart:

  1. Utilization of the Code Cart
  2. Identify essential items in the crash cart
  3. Preparation of Crash Cart
  4. Maintenance and refurbishment after usage
  5. Inventory of cart
  6. Ability to check listed medications without breaking seal.
  7. Check of Defibrillator

Target Sectors

This course is designed to train employees of healthcare providers like nurses and any one desiring to learn more about Blue Code & Crash Cart.

Target Audience

This 1/2 day training course is directed towards:

  1. Medical Personnel
  2. Nurses of all levels
  3. Training Managers


All topics of this training course were designed according to the international best production of course materials.

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Course Materials:

Each participant will receive a complete set of course notes and handouts that will serve as informative references.

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